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“™IPhone & Ipad, Laptop Repair Specialists

“Rated The Number One,Fast, Friendly, Reliable, Affordable Repair Service”!

Most repairs completed 1 Hr or less!



“Top Dollar $$$$ For Broken Ipads, Iphones,Samsung”

“Cracked Screens, Water Damage, Does’nt Matter”!

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Iphone, Ipad, Samsung, LG Cracked Screen Repair

“Our iPad/Iphone & Laptop Standard Repair is simple, straight forward and very affordable. Whether you need a new glass/digitizer, home button, charging port or a couple of repairs, we will get your iPad 2 front glass digitizer repaired for just  ** $99.
 ”With this service we will do a complete diagnostics and cover the parts and labor your iPad/Iphone/Laptop needs for one low flat rate. We give it 1 hr turn around time. for Laptop cracked screen replacement prices start @ $49.95 (Diagnostic Fee or labor). For all other laptop repairs needed call for support.  ***Plus Labor & Tax

iPhone,Ipad, Samsung, LG Repair Parts 

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Nov 2014 Iphone 5- 5s Overstock  Discount Special”



Labor Included!

Hurry Offer Ends Sept. 30th 2014

Laptop Cracked Screen Repair

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Desktop Support

Call Now &  Schedule Appointment” 

Most Repairs Done In Hour or Less!
Business Hrs Monday Through Friday 10:30 Am till 6:30 Pm- Saturdays 11:am to 3:pm By Appointment Only!

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Newly Added LG-2 Cracked Screen Repair



LG Cracked Screen Repair

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Ipad  Discount Repair Special $80.00

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Ipad & Iphone Repair


Ipad 4 Front Glass Repair Discount  Specail

Hurry Offer Ends Sept. 30th 2014!

iPad 2 Front Glass Repair

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iPad 3 Front Glass Repair

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Ipad 4 Front Glass Repair Discount  Specail

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iPad 4 Front Glass Repair

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Ipad Air Front Screen Repair

*™Ipad Repairs Done In 1 Hour Or Less.

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.Ipad Mini Cracked Screen Repair


Ipad Mini Front Glass Repair

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    Don’t Know What Version Your Ipad Is?

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*™Iphone 4g & 4s- Front Screen Replacement

cheap Ipad RepairGreat Deals!

 Iphone 4 & 4s  Screen Repair

Fast One Hour Repair!
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IPhone LCD & Glass Digitizer One Piece



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Iphone 5 Screen Repair


Iphone 5 S & 5 C, Front Glass

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New SAMSUNG S3 & S4 Front Glass Digitizer Repair

Cracked Samsung2

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Does not include replacing cracked or broken LCD screen.
See disclaimer on replacing front glass digitizer at risk for more possible LCD damage, loss of warranty!
No Knockoffs, No Factory Rejects, No Counterfeits!
Fast, Friendly,Affordable, Reliable

**Special Reduction Inventory Cash Discounts

**Must Show Proof of unemployment checks State of Florida only!

**Active Duty Military Show, Military ID Cards


Tablet Repair

**** Warranty void from users abuse-customers accidental damage & re- cracks glass digitizer. Due to dropping, misuse, mishandling, mother nature, acts of god, water damage, removing new glass digitizer by others for repairs.
***Warranty honored after complete diagnostic by Compu-Tek of Tampa’s qualified Ipad technician discovers
malfunctioning front glass digitizer malfunctioning or internal hardware, but not  customers accidental damaged or cracked glass from users misuse or using it properly.Water damage not under warranty!
“Above Repairs Displayed, Software Repairs Are Not Included & Have Additional Labor Charges Upon Request for Jail Braking, Unlocking or any  previous malfunctioning software related issues before hardware repairs were completed. Compu-Tek of Tampa Bay, LLC does Not Alter, Change The Software OS, Personal Data, Contacts, Photos, Itunes On Customers Mobile Device without Written Authorization CTB Repair Invoice & liablity Release Form Signed By customer for all  hardwae & software repairs requested.
Compu-Tek of Tampa Bay, not liable for discovering internal hidden damage from factory or customers accidental damage of mis use.
Once mobile device is opened Apple will not warranty Iphone, Ipad. Customer accepts the risks of repairs made once device is opened by CTB technicians, Ipad mini has  a manufactures backlight defect…at times the senitive chip fuse is known  to malfunction when new glass digitizer is intalled & energises the new glass screen, requiring a electronic soldering technicain  to resolder chip on the circuit board.(See Invoice & Customers Release of Liabilty Statement)

Why wait until more damage is done…we can replace that cracked screen on your Iphone or Ipad within 1 hr.

Call us today for a fast repair….



1600  10 th Street South

Suite # 411

Safety Harbor 34695

             Store Hours: Monday Till Friday 10 Am till 6Pm

                 Saturdays 10: till 3pm By Appointment Only


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